Printed parts kit

Usually i don't sell parts, but some people asked me if i can print for them.

If you dont have a 3D printer, or any friend that can print them, or simply want to contribute with the project by this way, i can print the parts for you. The cost is 40€ plus shipping. Including the basic printed parts kit (standard version, without addons).

Parts will be printed as if they were for me, this is by using high quality PLA (BQ brand) @0.25mm layer height. The infill is 40% for normal areas and 100% for the small ones.
The printing time is about 18h in three diferent plates.
The color scheme is red/white, the same as pictured.
All parts will be cleaned, tolerance checked, manually trimmed and pre-threaded. ready for assembly.

The shipping cost by registered mail are:
Spain: 4.85€
Europe: 9.30€
Other countries: 12.85€

Send me a parts request/question to: