Last Update: 30/Mar/2022


3dpBurner2. Addons:

-For using endstops as homing reference switches, wire the NO contact of the switches as described in "wiring page".
-Make sure you have enabled the homing cycle setting in GRBL configuration (ie: $22=1 (Homing cycle enable).
-Send this comand line to the 3dpBurner where the Y210 section is your machine Y working area, 210mm for this example: $N0=G92X0Y210Z0. This command set working coordenates to desired ones and will be executed on each homing or reset.

Laser holder for 33x33mm heatsink modules

Knob easy laser height setting:

Control Panels:

Simple emergency stop

This is a Control panel with emergency stop and some more buttons (latest version and recommended over the full 3D printed one)

AC Power switches:

Basic Power Switch:

AC socket with switch

USB extension cable socket


Voltage/Current meter:

Temperature meter:

Bluetooth connection: 

Dual Y motor: 


Line thickness (extra gauges)

Bumper for IRF520 module (for experimental purposes)