Last Update: 14/Mar/2021


3dpBurner2 .STL files:

The 3dpBurner project has a lot of working hours, prototyping,  testings, burned electronics... I would like to recover some of the investment and thus to continue improving it. That is why i have decided to send the .STL files for printing after a donation. No matter the amount, you can donate any amount, i will be very grateful and you will be contributing with the project development.

Use the button below to make the donation, i will send you the .STL files to your Paypal email.

...However, if you don't can / want to make a donation for any reason contact me, i will send you files. If you like the project you can make a donation at any time. Thank you!!

-The recommended print settings are PLA at minimun of 3 perimeters, 40% infill.

Arduino Firmware
The firmware used by 3dpBurner is GRBL, an open source CNC motion controller. 

How to flash Arduino with the 3dpBurner firmware:

Easy flashing:
-Download laserGRBL application (free).

-Make sure you can connect to the machine, then disconnect.

-Go to "Tools" menu and "Flash Grbl Firmware".

-Select Arduino UNO as target and the latest GRBL version (Original, not the XY Homing one).

-Click OK and wait.

After finished, it is recommended to connect to machine and type $RST=* on the manual command text box and press Enter (this will wipe the GRBL EEPROM values).

Then go to "File/Open File" and load this configuration file, then press the Run button, this will execute the file and set the 3dpBurner parameters into GRBL EEPROM, if you get any error repeat the configuration process until 0 errors.

If you need to fine tune any parameter, like maximun axis rate or acceleration you can go to "Grbl" menu and click "Grbl Configuration". Modify your values and press "Write."

Standard flashing:
Download the souce files, compile and flash using standard Arduino IDE. You can check the GRBL wiki flashing guide.

Speed Tips

*The bigger working area the lower acceleration (i use acceleration of 2000mm/min^2 on my A4 machine and 1000mm/sec^2 on my A3 one). Best acceleration is the maximun possible without producing perimeter pattern on grayscale image engravings.
*Too high acceleration. A thin edge but many vibrations and perimetral patterns
*Correct acceleration . A thicker edge but no vibrations/perimetral patterns

Control application


I recommend to use the free LaserGRBL control software, it is a simple and powerful application for Windows, it's open source and includes the standard controls plus many advanced features for image engravings.

You can download the latest version here.

Or check the source here

Custom 3dpBurner buttons for LaserGRBL

Download buttons here


I use CamBam as my main CAM program for vectorial works. These are useful files:

3dpBurner Cambam PostProcessor (updated Mar/08/2021) Download

CamBam laser style i use it as start point for create operations:

 <CAMStyle Name="laser">
  <Style />
  <OptimisationMode state="Value">None</OptimisationMode>
  <ToolDiameter state="Value">0.18</ToolDiameter>
  <PlungeFeedrate state="Value">30000</PlungeFeedrate>
  <CutFeedrate state="Value">1000</CutFeedrate>
  <ClearancePlane state="Value">0</ClearancePlane>
  <SpindleSpeed state="Value">255</SpindleSpeed>
  <TargetDepth state="Value">-1</TargetDepth>
  <DepthIncrement state="Value">1</DepthIncrement>
  <CutOrdering state="Value">DepthFirst</CutOrdering>
  <StepOver state="Value">0.75</StepOver>
  <MaxCrossoverDistance state="Value">1</MaxCrossoverDistance>
  <StartCorner state="Value">TopLeft</StartCorner>
  <RegionFillStyle state="Value">HorizontalHatch</RegionFillStyle>