Last Update: 30/Mar/2022

Printed parts kit

Usually i don't sell parts, but some people asked me if i can print for them.

If you don´t have a 3D printer, or any friend that can print them, or simply want to contribute with the project by this way, i can print and post-processing the parts for you. The cost is 35€ plus shipping. Including the basic kit parts + the dual Y motor ones.

Parts will be printed as if they were for me, this is by using high quality PLA @40% infill for normal areas and 100% for the small ones.
The printing time is about 24h in diferent plates with the red/white color scheme. If you want a different color, ask me.
Parts will be cleaned, tolerance checked, manually trimmed and  pre-threaded. Ready for assembly.

The shipping cost by registered mail is:
Spain: 5.95€
Europe: 11.10€
Other countries: 14.75€

Send me the parts request to: