Last Update: 30/Mar/2022

jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2016

Line thickness (extra gauges)

Some people ask me for the "45mm" text on the standard 3dpBurner2 gauge, so let's go:

On the 3dpBurner calibration we need to adjust the threaded lens of the laser module for getting the best focuss at working plane, this is at about 45mm of the lens (by using the standard 45mm gauge).
This mean, we will get the smaller spot and the more concentrated energy at this plane.

However, sometimes we don't need this "powerful small point" and we would prefer a thicker line for speeding up the works or creating different patterns. This can be very easy achievable by unfocussing a little the laser so we can use these extra gauges for that purpose (47, 50 and 55mm).

You can check the Addons page or download the extra gauges directly here.